About Me.

Learner | Educator | Collaborator | Creator | Researcher

I am a user experience designer fueled by learning and curiosity. As a former educator, I strive to lead with empathy, and design with advocacy to create holistic products.  
Guided by advocating for users and their needs, I use my research skills to generate dynamic solutions to complex problems. I am fueled by learning. Learning about the user, my team and the organization I serve.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA to a mixed heritage family. I am first generation college student and first in my family to graduate with my Master’s degree. I found myself in a career in Education in order to design better systems for first generation college students. I was able to design curriculums, trainings and experiences that positively influenced students college experience at several Universities. Now, I serve as a product designer so I can use the principals of design thinking to design better products that combat the complexities for those populations that often go unheard.

My purpose in life is to always learn more. I am currently learning how to build my own coffee table, and how to write a children's book.

I reside in sunny Santa Barbara where I still enjoy practicing yoga, reading, photography and drinking all the coffee.

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