CorePower Yoga


CorePower Yoga prides itself on building a community of like minded individuals who practice being mindful and appreciate yoga. CorePower is a national yoga studio franchise that is quickly becoming the most popular yoga studio in the US. recently, CorePower developed and application so that users can quickly access, schedules, view teachers and level up their practice. They are now looking to improve the app capabilities can reach by adding a community social aspect to the interface. 


Yoga is a personal practice however, it’s the community around CorePower is what makes it special, how do we convey a social aspect in the app itself is the problem that CorePower saw arise.  


This student project was mapped out over the span of 15 weeks. I served as the end to end UX Designer on this project in charge of all deliverables.  


Through Research I hope to: 

Identify why users value in using the CorePower App and going to CorePower Yoga 

Learn about users motivations to seek this fitness community 

Seek to understand the features that are most utilized and under utilized 

Understand user pain points and seek to find an opportunity for growth 

Methodology: Conduct 5-6 interviews that will ask a variety of questions related to the research goals. Surveys will take an average of 8-10 minutes to complete. Survey results will be coded in synthesized to uncover goals, needs and pain points. Convenience sampling will be used to complete this study due to time constraints . Participants: 20-35 year old M/F Yoga students and teachers To see the full user questions click here.

User Persona

Opportunities: All participants spoke to similar pain points and needs as I noted in the User Persona above. The overwhelming majority of students focused on the aspect of community building as a major indicator if they would attend a class. Since CorePower prides itself on community this was not a surprise. The questions I asked were broad in how they used the application. Ultimately I found that the sharing of classes via text is what was missing versus posting about going to a class on social media.

Storyboard depicting one of the main goals, to find community

After doing some user research, I did a market analysis of several competitor fitness applications as shown below. Market research showed me how varying some of the features in the apps can be. The features vary based on what the company would like to highlight about them. For example, Barry’s Bootcamp is very competitive as they highlighted your ability to gameify the app in getting the badges based on how many classes you want was very apparent in the UI design. This is a great feature but would not really work for CorePower’s client bases.  The market analysis proved to be more helpful in how design the social aspect UI.


After truly understanding the user’s needs for community. I defined the solution to the problem as finding a way to design the a feature that would allow you to share a class via text message. The only way to show that you were planning on going to a class was a screen shot, or personally just texting that person separately. This was showing to be big pain point for users. I pivoted to making my designs truly focused on this feature. Below you can find a task flow of the main feature that I added to this app.


Below you will find the lo-fi wireframes that show the task flow in order to share a class with a friend or share on social media. This flow was decided and informed by my research.

Lo-Fi wire-frames of sign up and share process

Usability Testing

Test Objectives:

Gain insight and understanding around possible pain points users may experience while using the product 

Identify the main motivations that users have when using this product Collect critical feedback about the efficiency of using this product 

Spot and correct possible inconsistencies that may exist 

Test Methodology: Testing will be conducted via use of the Invision app. Through a series of tasks and flows the user will complete these in order to provide feedback around the efficiency and ease of product usability. 

Participants: Participants will be chosen based on convenience selection sample which included 3 Males and 5 Females ranging from 22-30 age range who use the CorePower Yoga App  

After testing, the wireframes, as shown below I saw that there were several considerations. One was to add a success pop up when you have shared the class successfully through any of the mediums. Users were confused whether or not they were able to share the page successfully. Consider developing the UI around the sharing  

Other Recommendations that were not related to the social sharing feature were to refine the UI around the filter process. Due to time constraints of this project I did not address these two suggestions. To see full usability testing task flow and findings view the document here.


In serving as the lead designer on this project adding a feature to an already existing product found itself to be interesting as I was first tasked with understanding the correct flow and user journey and perhaps where a pain point lies. Through research I was able to identify that pain point in market analysis of other fitness related applications. In the end I was able to create  sharing feature for this application that allows students to share what class they are going to attend.  You find the final prototype here.